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MCarson is a published fashion/entertainment photographer searching for creative artist of diverse backgrounds.

MCarson has been photographing models and entertainers for over six years. It is the mission of the company to provide competitive photographs with the support of an artistic team. We will maintain professionalism and strive to build progressive rapport with agencies, publications, models and clients of all markets thus receiving solid clientele and loyalty.

Outside of my passion for photography, it’s also a primary goal for the company to become more involved in various charity organizations. It is my belief that the pursuit of charity should be equivalent to the pursuit of success. MCarson will continue to grow and develop based on this belief.

Michael Carson makes photos like directors make movies: by creating atmospheres, environments, and characters. By telling stories that highlight the remarkable, the unique, and the beautiful. Gaining inspiration from an innumerable array of sources including the dynamic fields of music and fashion means Michael naturally channels the energy, emotion and light of those industries in every image he creates.

Approaching photography from a generative point of view inevitably leads to creative direction – a process where ideas are taken from inception through production to realisation. A process that promises much freedom but is only ever as successful as the story told or the feeling evoked. In this context, photography has the power to have the same impact that music can. Make music, make a photograph. That seems right.